Originally formed to bring New Brighton’s key sports clubs together under one roof, we’ve evolved into an organisation which nurtures and supports our community in numerous ways.

Working alongside the main clubs in Rāwhiti Domain, including the New Brighton Rugby, Softball, Netball and Cricket clubs, we provide affordable and accessible sport and recreation programmes for the people of the eastern suburbs. Those programmes are designed to empower the children of our community, encouraging them to become involved in local sport and educating them on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. We’re a nimble organisation, able to adapt quickly to meet the ever-evolving needs of the people we serve. Those needs changed in a flash when natural disaster struck in 2010/11, and we shifted our focus accordingly.  

We're not planners or policy makers, but we are people of action. So we rolled up our sleeves and got busy rebuilding our community, doing whatever we could to increase safety, enhance health and well-being, and improve morale. By recognising the challenges in front of us and working together to overcome them this unique part of the city continues to defy the odds and get stronger. Our land and our buildings may have been damaged, but the spirit and resolve of New Brighton remains unbroken.

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