Guardians of Rāwhiti

To make the Rāwhiti Domain Area a more beautiful, welcoming and usable space for the whole community.

Natural Playground has been developed on the Keyes Road side of Rāwhiti Domain in the Woodland area.


General Plan

Using the 2007 Rawhiti Management Plan as a guide we would like to do the following:

  1. Redress the imbalance of natives / exotics so we have a combination of these. We have lost bees in our area so we need more flowering plants to attract bees so our fruit trees and vegetables are pollinated.
  2. Develop a butterfly attraction by planting wildflowers for the Monarchs, (who winter over in Rawhiti) to have a food supply in Spring and Summer. Numbers have dwindled hugely and we want to bring the butterflies back.
  3. Clear the Area of Natural Play of all the scrub and dead plants. Compost parts of it for planting with wildflowers with seedbombs. We would like local school children ot be involved with this.
  4. Plant a safe area with nettles to attract the Red and Yellow Admiral Butterflies.
  5. Plant shrubs around the perimeter of the Domain in garden beds to add more interest and to provide more areas for birds.
  6. Develop swan plant gardens by the New Brighton Catholic School fence for the children to maintain.
  7. Plant swan plants throughout the Domain in between natives and flowering shrubs so that there are plenty of plants for the Monarch Life Cycle. Ask the local community to donate swan plants and/or seeds.
  8. Compost around the stands of trees in various areas of the Domain in preparation for planting with bulbs for Spring and shrubs like Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias etc. Provide seating around these trees to keep dogs off
  9. Bring (upcycle) the exercise equipment from QEII to place on the planned exercise track around the perimeter of the Domain
  10. Hang rope swings for children to play on at strategic points throughout the Domain.
  11. Provide an area for sculpture exhibitions
  12. Provide seating under some trees so people can sit in the shade.
  13. Barbecues as discussed by Lianne and other Council members at the LTP submission.
  14. Work with CCC Landscape division to improve the plan.

A. Enter from Keyes Road or from pathway alongside the Canopy | E. guardiansofrawhiti [AT] gmail [DOT] com
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